There are many scenarios out there people are facing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few that I’ve heard so far:

  • Swap meet sellers on Maui have no storefront, resulting in partial or total loss of monthly income.
  • Yoga teachers, fitness teachers, and others who provided classes in-person suddenly want to offer online courses and need support to do so.
  • Maui restaurants who were operating without online ordering need to setup online ordering on their websites, as well as address customer questions and concerns via their websites and social media pages.
  • Some Maui businesses have websites that are difficult to find in online searches, so customers are struggling to get updates during the COVID-19 pandemic from these businesses.

If you are facing these or any other technical challenges related to websites, online marketing, social media, email marketing, etc — please reach out for help. I possess a wealth of tools and information to guide you on making decisions to uplift your business online to support your growing needs during these unusual times for businesses.

I’m offering special discounts for those affected directly by COVID-19. Please inquire to discuss your situation.

Aloha and thanks for reading.

We’re excited to share some wonderful news—our name is changing! Moving forward, you’ll find all of the same amazing and helpful services here at our website that you’ve come to rely on, but under a new name. Nothing else is changing… however we will also be announcing several new services and offerings in 2020 to help businesses stay up to speed with SEO, schema, and the ever-changing world of digital advertising and marketing.

adelle brianne llc

Beginning January 1, 2020, our business will be called Adelle Brianne LLC.

Click here to send us any questions you have about our new name or our services.

Mahalo and Happy New Year!

Adelle Brianne

Nerd Update.

I’m managing two businesses, which is keeping me quite busy. I also realized a few months ago that I need to “Go back to school.” Why? Part of my job that I excel at, and love as a logophile, is SEO – Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. how those websites you click at the top of Google got to the top. The challenge is that SEO changes a lot per Google*, so I need to educate myself annually to be at the top of the game.
*Google had 3,200 algorithm changes last year (source:…/how-we-keep-google-search-releva…/)

I needed to find places to study and compare the best practices for SEO in 2019 and anticipate changes for SEO 2020. So for a few months I’ve been watching webinars, pouring over the alleged “best SEO gurus in 2019” videos and blogs, taking notes, and preparing to roll-out new strategies for my clients and businesses.

Now I’ve really got to dig in and start implementing, writing, testing… I feel confident and excited to start testing the new strategies I’ve uncovered. I fully expect to help old and and new clients see significant improvements in traffic soon! 🤓

I started learning SEO at the beginning of my career in 2005 and it’s been a fascinating journey that I enjoy immensely.

SEO can involve a lot of trial-and-error and best managed by someone who is really focused on testing and learning— and lacks some fear—because you have to take risks! Being an excellent writer and researcher/”Googler” has greatly benefited my ongoing love affair with my job as a website optimizer who helps websites rank at the top of Google.

Want help? Send me message.

What are the best SEO tips I can offer you after tax day in 2015?

Hmmm, well the buzz this week in my industry is focused around Google’s impending search engine change which will de-rank websites that are deemed “not mobile friendly” (or “not responsive” depending on the author’s lingo).

What is responsive, mobile friendly website design?

A responsive website adjusts automatically to the user’s device to deliver the content in its best format, so one can read text, view pictures, click links, and navigate the site without difficulty.

How do you identify a mobile friendly website?

  1. As a user, you might notice that a site is mobile friendly when the menu is not a top navigation menu with tiny text links, but rather appears automatically as a large-screen pop-up or slide-up menu featuring large text and easy to click links. I also describe these responsive website menus as, ‘the type of menu that we are familiar with from using smart phone apps.’
  2. Use this tool, provided by Google, to check your website, or any website:

I’m excited to be a sponsor of WordCamp Maui, the WordPress conference in Maui, Hawaii, being held February 13-14.