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Adelle Lennox

Writer, designer, SEO strategist, social media manager and WordPress fanatic Adelle Lennox has been a publishing geek for three decades. She has built websites for dozens of small businesses and has served non-profits and companies with marketing and consulting services.

A lover of language and storytelling, Adelle’s skills span many areas of online marketing. Lately her biggest passion is SEO strategy and WordPress makeovers.

I understand that your business is unique. My first step with new clients is to listen and learn. During your free consultation, I’ll ask questions to assess what you need, then I can suggest resources and options.


More about Adelle

✓ Founded Amazing and Helpful in 2004

✓ Graphic designer for print & digital

✓ Copywriter / editor

✓ Photographer

✓ Media experience: radio advertising, writing and layout for newspapers & magazines, website design, social media management, email marketing, and search engine expert.

History as a geek…

Creating her very first “zines” when she was a child, Adelle drew layouts with pens and crayons, and folded the papers to create bi-fold and tri-fold layouts emulating true publishers. One who always loved stories and sharing information, she taught herself to build websites in 1999 before graduating high school. Adelle received a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising in 2004 at the University of Oregon. Her fascination with SEO  started as she dove deeper into the world of website building and marketing.

Fast forward to the present… wordsmith loves SEO & helping others

Adelle has been building websites for half of her life (super geek!) and brings a wealth of technical experience to the table. She has spent over 10 years independently creating and analyzing SEO strategies and stays up to date on the latest changes happening with Google. Adelle’s love of words is a competitive advantage in hunting and leveraging keywords for online marketing in search engines. Since 2005, she has have tested and adapted long-term SEO strategies that have proven effective despite Google’s algorithm changes.

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