Nerd Update.

I’m managing two businesses, which is keeping me quite busy. I also realized a few months ago that I need to “Go back to school.” Why? Part of my job that I excel at, and love as a logophile, is SEO – Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. how those websites you click at the top of Google got to the top. The challenge is that SEO changes a lot per Google*, so I need to educate myself annually to be at the top of the game.
*Google had 3,200 algorithm changes last year (source:…/how-we-keep-google-search-releva…/)

I needed to find places to study and compare the best practices for SEO in 2019 and anticipate changes for SEO 2020. So for a few months I’ve been watching webinars, pouring over the alleged “best SEO gurus in 2019” videos and blogs, taking notes, and preparing to roll-out new strategies for my clients and businesses.

Now I’ve really got to dig in and start implementing, writing, testing… I feel confident and excited to start testing the new strategies I’ve uncovered. I fully expect to help old and and new clients see significant improvements in traffic soon! 🤓

I started learning SEO at the beginning of my career in 2005 and it’s been a fascinating journey that I enjoy immensely.

SEO can involve a lot of trial-and-error and best managed by someone who is really focused on testing and learning— and lacks some fear—because you have to take risks! Being an excellent writer and researcher/”Googler” has greatly benefited my ongoing love affair with my job as a website optimizer who helps websites rank at the top of Google.

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