Professional Freelance Website Services on Maui

Amazing and Helpful Freelance Services

service with efficiency and integrity

Website Design

✓ Building new websites

✓ Website makeovers (design and/or copy)

✓ Consulting and answering questions about websites & wordpress

✓ Writing and creating website content that appeals to humans and search engines.

SEO Writer

Search Engine Optimization to help website rank on Google page 1
Specializing in longtail keywords for Maui business owners.


content editing & consulting (pages, posts, links, meta tags, blogs, etc)


tutoring & resources (link building, social media, online reputation)

Social Media Manager

✓ Building new social media profiles

✓ Profile makeovers (design & copy)

✓ SEO for social media pages

✓ Social media consultant (Q & A)

✓ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc.

Marketing Consultant

✓ Online / digital marketing Q & A

✓ Website content strategies & copywriting

✓ Email marketing consultant

✓ Social media marketing consultant

Email Marketing Help

Engage with loyal fans and enjoy impressive return on investment with email marketing

✓ Learn how to build & grow your email list with a free/low cost email management tool

✓ Incorporate SEO strategy into email campaigns

✓ Create & use templates for brand consistency and efficiency

✓ Announce web shop sales, events, contests, and more using targeted email lists

SSL & Web Hosting

✓ Free SSL in all hosting plans

✓ Blazing fast speeds

✓ Nightly backups

✓ Optimized for WordPress sites

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maui acupuncturist
massage therapist

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