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Customer Service

“Adelle, You rock! I have never had a web designer work so fast and do such a great job!  The updates look great!”

“I appreciate all you do to help my business thrive.”

“Best service I have ever received for website design. Easy to use and even easier to have her do the work for me. Customer service is on point and very professional.”

“I’m really impressed and happy with your work. This feels really good, thank you.”

“High quality work with attention to detail. Straightforward & compassionate communication. Solid accountability & reliability! And all of this at a reasonable price, I could not be happier. Adelle truly is amazing and helpful. Don’t think, just hire her it will be the best website decision you’d have made.”

“Vision Healings would not be where it is today without you and all your awesome creative skills. Anybody opening a business or trying to improve their business should check you out. Not only are you skilled but you are an absolute joy to work with. Love and prosperity to you always.”

“Adelle is a pleasure to work with. Always professional and ready to bring your business to the next level. She is also very organized and artistic talented which is a rare combination.”

“A few things I love and appreciate about Adelle: She is very personable, intelligent, quick to respond to your needs and understands the workings of the internet. You can explain your needs to her. She then turns them into your vision and viola, you have new clients!!!! I highly recommend Adelle if you want a pleasurable and efficient experience in growing your business.”

“I have worked with Adelle now for two of my websites and continue to be pleased at all she delivers. Adelle is both professional and spirited, which makes her a joy to work with. Adelle listens and creates a website that incorporates what you ask for, but then takes it to another level. She explains things in a way that makes sense to non-techy folks and has been incredibly helpful in teaching me things about web development that I never would have understood before. I can’t recommend Adelle highly enough. Thanks Adelle!”

“Adelle is extremely warm, patient, and dedicated to her clients. She answered my (sometimes endless) list of questions in a timely manner, and I never felt shy about asking. When dealing with something as persnickety as website design can be, you want someone you feel completely comfortable approaching, who you know is responsible, knowledgeable, and willing to do the work to find the solution if one is not readily available. I am also the type of person who wants to learn along the way, and she always took the time to explain what she was doing and why. In short, she’s a gem!”

“Amazing and helpful doesn’t even come close to the amount of support you receive from Adelle. I first started working with Adelle in 2011 building my website and SEO work. She excelled at both of those tasks tenfold. She has no ego attachment to being right so when she doesn’t provide a particular service, she has no problems referring you out to someone who does. I highly recommend working with Adelle, if you are considering working with her. She is timely, efficient and organized. Cheers.”

“Adelle is a delight to work with. When I needed creative understanding of the strategic planning work I was trying to sell, she asked me a few thought-provoking questions and then went to town. Her understanding of marketing as well as her attention to detail and client service made her an exceptional creative partner to work with. From brainstorming to project completion, thank you Adelle for being such an awesome creative person! I highly recommend her work.”

“Adelle has been so amazing building my whole website as well as inspiring my business. She constantly goes out if her way to make sure that I am getting the best quality and the most recent designs.  Her customer service is impeccable. I could not be any happier with her spectacular service.”

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to also tell you, it has been such an easy working relationship with you over the last year and I really appreciate all that you do. Thank you!”

“Adelle, Thank you so much for you candor, and for the referral. You really are helpful.”

“Adelle has a tremendous commitment to her clients. And an inspiring eye for content and design! She is always looking for the best connection and solution to meet her clients needs.”

Web Design & Graphic Design

“Adelle is creative in her website design. She is flexible and works to help you with your particular needs. I have hired her twice for website design and have been happy with her results. She will also help you learn to update your own website.”

“Adelle is truly amazing and helpful! I can not tell her enough. She has made me a beautiful, easy to use website. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from it! I especially appreciate her continued support and help with developing my website as I change and grow. I highly recommend her.”

“I LOVE working with Adelle and having her build our website and modify it as we grow has been integral to our business success. She is easy to work with and very responsive. I recommend her highly.”

“Adelle did an amazingly thorough and fantastic job re-vamping my website! I was beyond pleased with everything that she did, how helpful she was in walking me through the changes and the aesthetics of all the changes she made.

She is incredible! I am excited to continue working with her and would highly recommend her services to you as well. Thank you again Adelle!”

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Adelle for a few years now. She created our website and set up our e-commerce site. She is very knowledgeable in her field and gives good advice to help you with your business. She has great ideas! She is also very speedy and proficient when I let her know I need help with something. I appreciate her efficiency and strong work ethic.”

“Adelle is beyond AMAZING and HELPFUL! She has been professional, punctual, reliable and a huge help in the design and building of my website! She’s full of great ideas, information and resources to get your business seen and found online! She’s sharp and very smart within her approach from start to finish and is available in a timely manner should you need to update or change anything for your business or website. I highly recommend her! Your lucky to have found her and have her on your team!! Thank you Adelle!!”

“I was first introduced to Adelle approximately three years ago and she designed my website. From our first phone conversation, I knew instantly that she would be fantastic. She designed my first website and when I was ready to update it, Adelle jumped in and created an even better site. I have also used Adelle to create flyers. Adelle works hard and is very fast. She makes sure she understands my expectations for what I want and then exceeds them. If you need some web design work done, look no further than Adelle. I highly recommend her and know you will be satisfied with what she can do for you.”

“I can’t say enough good things about Adelle and her web-designing prowess. She is professional, punctual and so effective! In addition to being exceptional at the technical part of web-design, she has a seriously creative side and a real eye for making your website pop. Adelle seems to always know what to do in a bind, and when I was feeling indecisive about something, she was able to take control and make excellent decisions always in the best interest of my business. She completely has out done herself with me, I love my website, and it is OPTIMIZED, so it is so easy to find and therefore is doing it’s job wonderfully and keeping my practice filled! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top notch SEO-er and web-designer. She is absolutely the best!”

“When I started off, I had made a basic website for myself which was functional at best & served me well. I knew the website was a bottle neck for me as it did not represent my services well, it just provided information. And yet, for some reason, updating my website felt like an impossibly difficult task.

May be you can relate, owning a small business & feeling a bit overwhelmed to take on a task like completely revitalizing your online presence. It was just too much for me. So I started looking for help & that was thoroughly confusing. Medium to big sized firms quoted in thousands of $$$, individuals who did high quality work for a reasonable price are hard to find. So I stalled on website update, for 3 years…

I was referred to Adelle about a month back & today I’ve a brand new website front which retains all the content from the past, new SEO capabilities & a design/aesthetic touch that compliments my work really well.”

“Adelle is so talented and a master at web design to get your business to the next level. She is easy to work with and I highly recommend her for your next web page.”

“I’m really impressed with how you’ve been able to organize my website with all the various things I’m offering. Thank you for your skill and ability to put it all together cohesively.”

“The site is looking amazing… I think you charge a very fair price. You do an excellent job. I will highly recommend you to anyone looking to build a site!”

“I have been extremely happy with the work that Adelle does for me! I shoot her an email with the bare facts of what I want and she has them on my website within a day or so, at most! Lots of times she will put her own wording to it and make it sound so much more appealing. I get great responses on my website and receive a lot of feedback saying how great my website looks. Thanks to Adelle my website totally works for me!”

“Adelle has worked on multiple graphic design projects for Blossoming Health. She is very talented and sharp. It is a real pleasure to work with somebody who delivers integrity and quality. Without doubt, I recommend her services to any small business owner seeking a highly qualified professional in the graphic design area.”

“I began working with Adelle before the studio had even opened its doors, and I owe much of the success and web presence to her great work. I am not techno inclined, she made my abstract, creative ideas come to life on the webpage with clarity, beauty and vision. I have worked with her over the years and she is that, amazing and helpful.”

“It looks SO great!!!!!!!! I freakin LOVE It!! It looks really classy and sophisticated, I love the fonts!”

“Adelle has been of great help to build the image of my travel business. She has designed my logo, business cards, and other graphic media. If you hire her for your graphic design needs you are hiring a multi-talented professional who can deliver like any other competitive company in the industry.”

“Adelle is an extremely talented graphic designer. When we worked together at Clear Channel, I often called on her to take solid proposals and make them ‘pop.’ Her creativity and attention to detail always made my presentations stand out.”


seo testimonial maui hawaii

“The number of inquiries through my website increased by 50% when I had Adelle remake it. Adelle truly is amazing and helpful! She is great to work with and has made my website something I am proud of and excited about!”

“Working with Adelle on my website was amazing! She is very patient, very swift and knowledgeable. She empowered and educated me on how websites work and how to get my site on the 1st page of Google and it worked! Hire her!”

“I got another compliment on my website today – everyone loves it. And I’ve had a major increase in traffic to my site! Thanks Adelle!”

“Her website design and SEO knowledge, experience and skill is very impressive and saved me countless hours of frustration and headache. She is a gem. I highly recommend her.”

“Adelle was very confident in her advice that she gave me on the roadmap for one of my client’s and getting SEO. Although it was a consultation, I would definitely use her in the future for SEO services!”

“Highly recommended!! Adelle knew exactly what we needed, provided a framework, and delivered with attention to detail. She also has a great vocabulary, especially in regards to Maui and Hawaii. Thanks Adelle!”

“Adelle took me from nearly no traffic to significant daily traffic on my website.  She took the time to pay attention to detail, and carefully monitored the effectiveness of the changes she made to make sure they were working to benefit my SEO.  I’m so glad that I found someone that was not only helpful, but a pleasure in person as well.  I cant think of any business that would not benefit from this wonderful service.”

“I love working with Amazing and Helpful Website Design. Adelle was so helpful and patient with me. I had a vision and she guided me with ideas and support on this vision. My website looks even better than I could have imagined and it launched so fast. She is quick to respond and very clear in communication. She has taught me so much on why business needs SEO (and what SEO is) and I am already getting the results I wanted. I highly recommend working with her.”

“Adelle Lennox has been an efficient, amazing, and creatively original website designer for my business Fabulous Faces. Her website design has brought back repeat visitor traffic to my site time and time again. Without her attention to detail and unique ideas my career would not be what it is today!”

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