Website Tools

New to WordPress? Check out this Comprehensive WordPress Dictionary to get familiar with the world of WordPress!

All WordPress sites require web hosting service, which is online storage space where your website files live. Think about each page of a website, and each image that appears on the site … all those files have to exist “somewhere” in order to be visible to the public when they view your website. That somewhere is your website hosting server. (I know it sounds complicated, but it’s easy to manage with a guide like me!)

The only WordPress hosting company that I use and trust is linked above. Feel free to contact me with questions about hosting.

I believe it is crucially important to empower disabled folks to use all the services that able-bodied people enjoy without a second thought or glance. Did you know? The vast majority of websites fail to consider disabled visitors and provide no special access for disabled folks, which severely limits how many websites they can use and benefit from.

If you are a business owner, you don’t want to shut out a billion people from your business, simply because they are disabled, do you? I don’t. I partnered with an incredible resource to automate ADA services on my website and I recommend that you do, too. Click the link above for more information. Please contact me with questions.

WordPress Themes

All WordPress sites require a theme to operate. Themes provide structure, functionality and styles for your WordPress website. There are many free themes and also premium/paid themes available. My favorite premium themes are listed below — each one is a reliable, savvy tool to help you create a website that you love.

Find more pro themes in the marketplace.
Themes Tip: Pick a theme that has already been purchased by thousands of people and has really high ratings to ensure it will be robust & user-friendly. Avoid brand-new themes with no verified history of success! (Not all pro themes are truly great, so if you’re unsure, stick with my recommendations above!)

WordPress Forms

Great news ~ Your website does not need a contact form ~ it’s optional! However, using a form can help you attract new clients, so it’s a good idea to build customized forms targeting your different client groups, when you’re ready for that. Click the link below to learn about GravityForms, my favorite contact form tool. (I use it on this website!)

If you’re starting a super basic website and you don’t wanna pay for tools yet, but you still need a reliable contact form plugin for your WordPress site, I totally understand! In your case, I’d recommend using WPForms to create simple easy WordPress forms for free.