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Website Development Consulting

With over 16 years experience as an independent website builder, I am quite savvy at crafting new websites and performing website makeovers. My passion for websites began as a teenager and has not waned. WordPress is my preferred tool for construction and renovation, though I do assist with other systems occasionally, such as: Squarespace, Shopify, Wix or Weebly.

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Web Content Development & Consulting

An excellent website provides rich, interesting information to its audience. What content you choose to give your audience will depend on your industry and market position. I’ve been working with small business owners for a decade helping them create website content that fits their business and their customers. I’m happy to help you create strong, effective messages that help you boost sales, attract customers and showcase your talents.

Website SEO Consulting

So… you’ve got a great website… but no one can find it in Google?! The problem: Poor SEO.  The solution: Optimize your website for search engines using my SEO strategy for improving on-site SEO. I also offer tutoring and mentoring on creating a longterm SEO strategy, including link-building ideas and resources. Please read SEO Services for more information.

Email Marketing & Email List Management

My favorite tool for email list management is MailChimp. You can easily setup and send marketing emails to customized email lists, create email templates, analyze reports and email campaign statistics, and easily embed signup codes in websites, social media sites, etc. The online program also offers a lot of advanced options for those that need further customizing and options.

Social Media Marketing Consulting

Social media marketing can be a valuable part of any advertising strategy. It’s important to use social media sites and apps correctly to attract and engage loyal customers. Learn the ins and outs of how to use Facebook and other sites ( Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Etsy,Yelp, LinkedIn, etc.) from someone who truly understands the systems and how they can work to your advantage as a business owner.