Website & Marketing Help During Coronavirus Pandemic

There are many scenarios out there people are facing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here are a few that I’ve heard so far:

  • Swap meet sellers on Maui have no storefront, resulting in partial or total loss of monthly income.
  • Yoga teachers, fitness teachers, and others who provided classes in-person suddenly want to offer online courses and need support to do so.
  • Maui restaurants who were operating without online ordering need to setup online ordering on their websites, as well as address customer questions and concerns via their websites and social media pages.
  • Some Maui businesses have websites that are difficult to find in online searches, so customers are struggling to get updates during the COVID-19 pandemic from these businesses.

If you are facing these or any other technical challenges related to websites, online marketing, social media, email marketing, etc — please reach out for help. I possess a wealth of tools and information to guide you on making decisions to uplift your business online to support your growing needs during these unusual times for businesses.

I’m offering special discounts for those affected directly by COVID-19. Please inquire to discuss your situation.