WordPress Website Hosting

Managed WordPress Website Hosting

All new website development projects require a hosting package.

Amazing Managed SSL Hosting Package includes these features*:

  • SSL certificate included
  • Powerful VPS (virtual private servers) – no shared servers
  • Blazing fast speeds for fast page loading
  • Server is optimized for WordPress sites
  • Nightly site backups
  • Hacker-free security + free malware cleanup
  • No overage charges or warnings
  • Free migrations (for website makeovers)


  • Monthly security updates for WordPress, Plugins & Themes
  • Monthly traffic report from Google Analytics

Hosting Prices

Annual Website Hosting + SSL
$300/year ($25/month) + tax

Annual Website Hosting + SSL + Monthly Security Updates
$480/year ($40/month) + tax
recommended for business

Annual Website Hosting + SSL + Monthly Security Updates & Website Traffic Reports
$600/year ($50/month) + tax
recommended for e-commerce

More About WordPress Hosting

Website Security News

Beginning in July and through October 2018, Google will label nonsecure websites with a browser label Non Secure. This is to motivate / require SSL on all websites to ensure data safety for website users. SSL = encryption so that data passes in a manner that cannot be traced, hacked or viewed by malicious parties. SSL protects your login passwords, any credit card info processed through your site, and ensures your site meets privacy and security requirements globally, and ensures credibility for website visitors. If your website is not using SSL, it will identified in the browser bar as “not secure” and may suffer SEO rank loss in Google search results, reducing traffic and hindering digital marketing and sales.

The Good News

As you may expect, I’m fully prepared to support your business through this transition and be your guide and expert to make it as smooth as possible.

To prepare for the SSL requirements, I’ve been researching and talking with my community of developers to determine the best services and tools available to our community. Important to me are: Reliability, Security, Ease and Value. I’ve partnered with a hosting company that can provide a high level of technical support and value that also makes it easy for me to manage website hosting for my clients.

If your website does not have SSL installed, or if your website is using GoDaddy, HostGator, or any shared hosting, please consider the solutions I can provide. Contact me for assistance.