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Amazing and Helpful Freelance Services

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Website Design

✓ Building new websites

✓ Website makeovers (design and/or copy)

✓ Consulting and answering questions about websites & wordpress

✓ Writing and creating website content that appeals to humans and search engines.

SEO Writer

Search Engine Optimization to help website rank on Google page 1
Specializing in longtail keywords for Maui business owners.


content editing & consulting (pages, posts, links, meta tags, blogs, etc)


tutoring & resources (link building, social media, online reputation)

Social Media Manager

✓ Building new social media profiles

✓ Profile makeovers (design & copy)

✓ SEO for social media pages

✓ Social media consultant (Q & A)

✓ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc.

Marketing Consultant

✓ Online / digital marketing Q & A

✓ Website content strategies & copywriting

✓ Email marketing consultant

✓ Social media marketing consultant

Email Marketing Help

Engage with loyal fans and enjoy impressive return on investment with email marketing

✓ Learn how to build & grow your email list with a free/low cost email management tool

✓ Incorporate SEO strategy into email campaigns

✓ Create & use templates for brand consistency and efficiency

✓ Announce web shop sales, events, contests, and more using targeted email lists

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About Amazing and Helpful

professional freelance services since 2004

Amazing and Helpful consultant and web designer Adelle Lennox enjoys providing dependable, affordable, and creative marketing services geared to small business owners.
Every business is unique! Therefore, marketing should be specifically designed to meet your company’s needs and expectations, not cookie-cutter. All projects receive customized quotes in writing following a thorough Q&A session during which we discuss what you need and how best to deliver it.


for Adelle Lennox

Below are comments made by some of my customers.

Significant daily traffic on my website

Working with Adelle on my website was amazing! She is very patient, very swift and knowledgeable. She empowered and educated me on how websites work and how to get my site on the 1st page of Google and it worked! Hire her!

Shea Derrick

I love working with Adelle

Adelle was so helpful and patient with me. I had a vision and she guided me with ideas and support. My website looks even better than I could have imagined and it launched so fast. She is quick to respond and very clear in communication. She has taught me so much on why business needs SEO (and what SEO is) and I am already getting the results I wanted. I highly recommend working with her.

Angela Lammers
Massage Therapist



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