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by Adelle Brianne

Becoming a best selling author aka getting into “the Best Seller Club” has been a dream come true, and it was so much easier than I imagined. Hybrid publishing works!

amazon best seller club

I want to encourage you to write a chapter in Sacred Silver Linings: Uplifting Stories from Women Who Found the Bright Side in Dark Times. I’m contributing a chapter and it’s almost guaranteed you’ll become a best-selling author. You can leverage your status to attract press interviews on podcasts, local news, etc. On that note, I can help you develop a savvy media page – have you seen mine:

Our publisher, AMA Publishing, is amazing. In my words: Female founded and devoted to uplifting women’s voices through a hybrid publishing model that gives first-time writers the strongest possible foundation to create immediate success and become best-selling authors. In their words: AMA Publishing is an award winning international company that has helped to create over 1,000 International Bestselling Authors in 36 countries around the world. (WOW!) Check out the website and its list of best sellers and you can also see upcoming titles you may be called to write a chapter in:

Check out current title opportunities at AMA Publishing.

Why One Chapter vs a Whole Book?

Writing one chapter is SO much easier than writing a whole book. AMA’s Amazon Best Seller Program includes writing prompts, guides and videos to inspire, encourage and support you in writing your chapter. I found it to be effective and I wrote my chapter last fall and we went to press this spring. On March 17, we hit best-seller in multiple countries and multiple categories. 

To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for the Amazon Best Seller Program. I knew it spoke to me. I knew I was ready to write. I needed the container, the support provided in this program. It was perfectly aligned for where I’m at in life and business. I am not soul-searching so much anymore, I’m Soul-Aware. And so, I wrote. And re-wrote. I poured through the guides as needed to find my way.

My book lead Jocelyn checked in with me in my DMs offering me lots of support, inspiration, and resources. Having a human reaching out to ensure I had everything I needed to share my book with my people and prepare for interviews and become “press ready” was remarkable.

But… I Want to Write a Whole Book

I have a whole book inside of me, waiting to be written. You probably do, too. Probably more than one. Because many of us are messengers and storytellers throughout our soul lives. If you recognize this and find your mind tugging at this idea — wondering, Could I do this? Is this for me? Is this the time? It’s up to you to decide. For me, the answer was yes and I’m truly grateful to WISE ME for saying yes!

Let me tell you, I wasn’t exactly sure last fall when the opportunity faced me. I was a bit wary of investing in something with strangers. I didn’t know anyone involved. I liked the website and the offer made sense to me. I listened to my gut and took action quickly without much thought. I didn’t delay. I simply knew somehow. And then… I wrote. I submitted my head shot, my bio, my business links. We edited, it was painless. The graphics were beautiful. The contributing authors were brave and vulnerable and worldly, and I was one of them! Suddenly I had 13 new friends who were fierce in showing up claiming the title “best selling author” as well as so many other impressive titles collectively.

We became The Best Seller Club (in my mind)!


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