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by Adelle Brianne
Best WordPress Hosting

After 20+ years building and hosting websites, I’ve learned exactly what you truly need (and should expect) from a great website hosting company. And so I present my top recommendation for the best WordPress hosting company for small to medium sized websites, from hobby sites to e-commerce. This is the service that I actually pay for and use myself for ALL of my websites, which includes dozens of sites that I manage for clients and besties!

Here are the reasons I chose this company as Best WordPress Hosting Company:

  1. Reliable Tech Support
  2. Free & Easy SSL
  3. Affordable Bundled Services = More Value
  4. Easy & Reliable Backup Tool
  5. Managed WordPress Host = Less Work
  6. Bonus! Staging Site for Site Makeovers

Watch my video for a live explanation of why I am so happy with this WordPress hosting service.

Further explanation of why I chose this company for best WordPress hosting:

1. Reliable Tech Support. I put this first because it is SO IMPORTANT! I’ve personally used about a dozen or more hosting companies in the past 20+ years as a website builder and hosting manager. Over the years, the biggest problem I consistently experienced was that hosting tech support sucked! It was incredibly stressful and costly to navigate managing this continuous failure of so many hosting companies. Despite their promises, many professional, highly rated and reputable “big name” hosting companies simply couldn’t provide the friendly and reliable tech support that my business demanded. My favorite hosting company is a Managed WordPress Hosting Company and they are awesome!! I have personally messaged their tech support team and gotten the support that I needed every time. Now, here’s a caveat — technology inevitably fails and needs adjustments, that’s something any expert will tell you — so I’m not saying this hosting company is flawless, or that they don’t sometimes have to problem-solve things that are confusing, unexpected or difficult to explain or replicate. However, they are valiant in diligently communicating with their customers and they always get the job done to my satisfaction. That’s saying a lot, because I’m not that easy to please after 20 years of fixing broken websites and dealing with annoying tech-support over the phone! 😉

2. Free & Easy SSL. Security is important because WordPress is an open-source tool which makes it vulnerable to attackers seeking to exploit the tool for their benefit. SSL is one important method to help ensure your website data is safe and secure. Having SSL on your website shows in the top browser as “secure” and gives peace of mind to your visitors. Any time someone purchases items from your webshop or submits your contact form, they are submitting sensitive information such as their email address and contact info, so they need to know they can trust your website. It’s your job as the website owner to protect visitors by using SSL on your website.

3. Affordable Bundled Services Provide More Value. In addition to including SSL on the control panel, this hosting company also includes a few other important services to make it easy to manage your WordPress site: such as Nightly & On-Demand Backups, Caching Tools (to show the newest version of your website instead of any saved “cached” versions in the browser), Resetting Login Attempts, Debugging Tools, plus there are other upgrades to enhance your site performance and give you monthly reports, etc. One thing to know: this hosting company does not offer email service with hosting, which may surprise or disappoint some customers who are used to having email included with web hosting. In the past, many hosting companies included email for free, but times are changing… There are benefits to separating your email and web hosting services, however that’s another topic.

4. Easy & Reliable Backup Tool. For newbies to WordPress, you may be wondering why you even need backups… I could yammer away explaining how many things *might go wrong* with your WordPress site due to no fault of your own, but that might scare you away from WordPress, which is an amazing tool but she can behave like a bitch occasionally! Instead, let me reiterate this once again: technology inevitably fails. It’s not your fault or the hosting company’s fault, but it WILL happen. And it will happen more than once. Your absolute BEST method to eliminate stress, frustration and paying money to someone to help you fix your website in times of duress is to USE BACKUPS. I will teach you exactly how to use the hosting backup tool in a video lesson making it easy and stress-free for you!

5. Managed WordPress Hosting Is Less Work. Managed hosting is just what it sounds like – someone is helping you manage your website hosting service, which means less stress, and less problems. However managed hosting typically costs a bit more than shared hosting or “basic or starter” hosting plans which are extremely cheap, and lack security services, which can cause problems for newbies. For brand new website owners who need things to be extremely simple, easy and functional, this hosting service is perfect.

6. Bonus! Staging Site for Site Makeovers. This WordPress host also includes a Staging Site with most plans. A Staging Site allows you to make a duplicate copy of your website on a temporary domain name. What does that mean? Basically it makes it safe and easy for you to start a makeover using a new theme, test new plugins or check any additional changes you want to explore before fully committing on your live site. The staging site is incredibly useful to ensure your live site is always safe while you play around with new ideas.

And the perfect theme for your makeover? Watch this video below!

This article contains affiliate links to products that I use and proudly partner with. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. I appreciate your support. 😘


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