Fast & Easy Video Marketing

by Adelle Brianne

So you’ll notice in my latest videos are all around one minute long. I’m testing out an easy marketing strategy for 90 days to see how it goes.

I’m filming using the Instagram Story settings and the video is automatically cut off at 60 seconds! This forces me to think on my feet and just share from stream of conscious.

These videos are far from perfect but they do allow people to get a feel for my personality, my humor, and whether or not they like me instantly or not. If they do, they’re likely to follow me and become part of my audience.

After filming, I save the video to my phone and crop it. Then I send it to my computer. Next I upload it to Youtube. You can also upload from phone to Youtube if your accounts are set up to do that. Next I share the Youtube video link to my LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Groups, and I share the actual video file on Instagram and upload it to a blog article on my website (like here)

easy marketing strategy

Cross Posting Strategy

This strategy allows me to cross promote on multiple platforms and it really doesn’t take much time. The videos take 60 seconds each to film, about one minute to edit and upload, and another few minutes to add a description with keywords. I basically batch one week’s worth of videos at a time.

Get more tips and find marketing help on my blog and on my Youtube channel.


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