by Adelle Brianne


You’re starting a new relationship and you need to trust this person, so what are some important questions to ask to ensure it’s going to be a good fit for your needs?

Here are some questions I recommend asking your potential website designer:

  1. How long have you been building websites?
  2. Will you build my website entirely yourself or does anyone else help in any way? If so, who, and how?
  3. What is your process like from start to finish? What tool do you use to build websites?
  4. How do you charge? Are there other fees and/or annual costs besides your developer fee?
  5. Are there ongoing fees after the website is complete and published?
  6. Can I see samples of past work – other websites you’ve built?
  7. Do you have any testimonials and/or references from past clients?
  8. Do you manage my website, do updates, help with tech support, etc?
  9. How many websites are you managing currently?
  10. Will you show me how to make updates? Does that cost extra?
  11. What services are included or not included for my website project?
  12. How will we communicate about the project? Email, text, Telegram?

As you listen to your interviewee’s responses, you’ll get to know them better and ideally you can discern if you’d like to hire them or not.

Final Tip

Interview more than one person. Listening to different designers’ language and descriptions will likely aid your understanding of your project. It also helps ensure you’ve really selected someone you vibe with versus just “ending up” with someone.

After building websites for 25 years, I can say confidently that it’s an intimate experience. Both sides will be vulnerable in the process: client and developer. So it’s worth taking some time to carefully curate your team. This is one project you don’t want to rush. Trust me – it’s probably going to take longer than you planned, anyway! 😉

On that note, if you do need fast + professional web design, tell me a little about yourself and your project. I’ve got openings soon for website makeovers or new website design and/or e-commerce!


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