My Business Email Goes to Spam

by Adelle Brianne

I’m supposed to be the techie problem solver yet that doesn’t mean I’m immune to technology problems, unfortunately. I wish it did…

So when I formulated Adelle Brianne LLC in 2019 to get my business in proper order for taxes and all that jazz, I created a new email address. A free gmail address seemed suitable. I had the knowledge to set up a domain branded account but honestly felt the benefits weren’t worth the hassle at the time, so I stuck with my gmail account.

Fast forward. It’s 2023. I connect with a potential client, have a great discovery call, and I send a followup email with their proposal. Crickets. I don’t hear from them in a week. I email again. No response. Finally 10 days later I send a text message to the client.

“Hey, I emailed my proposal last week. Checking that you received it?”

“No, I never got it. I was wondering about it..”

“Oh wow, can you check spam folder? Maybe it’s in there.”

“It was in there!!! I’ll reply today. Thanks for msg me.”

Soooooo true story, that has happened more than once in the past year. This week it happened again. A client of mine from a few years back emailed my personal email account (which I previously used for business emails so many contacts still use that email to reach me) so I forwarded it to my business gmail. Then I replied. Crickets.

So I email the client this week from my personal email account and she replies right away. Unfortunately she already hired someone else for the work because a week went by and she didn’t hear from me. My email was in her spam box.

My business email goes to people’s spam instead of inbox. I don’t know why. I’ve tried to fix it but it’s still happening. I’ve lost business from nice clients and that’s frustrating.

My solution?

I think it’s time to get Google Business email for my business. It’s time to accept it. I’ve loved free GMAIL for so long and yet I really need my clients to receive my emails…. so the bummer is I’ve got create another NEW email account and get my clients to reach out to my there instead of all these other email accounts. Wish me luck, lol!

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