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1/5/2014 - Adelle took me from nearly no traffic to significant daily traffic on my website. She took the time to pay attention to detail, and carefully monitored the effectiveness of the changes she made to make sure they were working to benefit my SEO. I'm so glad that I found someone that was not only helpful, but a pleasure in person as well. I cant think of any business that would not benefit from this wonderful service.

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I am a writer and designer who lives in Maui. I specialize in SEO writing and online marketing.

A little History
I began building websites in 1999 while still attending high school. I studied advertising and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism. In 2005, I began learning about Search Engine Optimization and how to get a website to show up in Google for desired search terms.

Fast forward to 2015
I’ve been building websites for half of my life (super geek!) and I’ve got 10 years experience independently creating and studying SEO content. I discovered that my love of words is a natural advantage in understanding how to hunt for and leverage keywords for online marketing in search engines. Since 2005, I have learned and adapted long-term SEO strategies that have proven effective despite Google’s *lovely* algorithm changes.

I am currently unavailable for short-term projects. If you want to talk, please contact me.

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Adelle & Victoria

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Websites below built by Adelle Lennox
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Feldenkrais Trainer

feldenkrais trainer

Maui Condos

Maui Condos

Maui Juice Bar

maui vegan restaurant

Intimacy Arts

Intimacy Arts

Face Painter

Face Painter

Psychic Healer

maui psychic auntie

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When you need help creating a website marketing strategy, developing social media outreach, writing compelling new copy or targeting a new customer group, I can help create strong, effective messages to achieve your goals.

SEO website content

SEO Content

  • Keyword research
  • Content writing & editing
  • Learn SEO strategy
  • Perfect for new sites & website makeovers

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Search Engines

Up-to-date SEO practices to improve website popularity with Google & other search engines. Content assessment, keyword research, meta tag writing, SEO writing, authentic link building, guest blogging, and consulting.

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Facebook for Business

Social media websites CAN help expand your business. Learn how to engage and interact through social media to attract and reward loyal clients. Learn what to do and what NOT to do in social media marketing.