Basic SEO vs Comprehensive SEO

by Adelle Brianne

Basic SEO Service includes:

Keyword Research and Keyword Selection for your website. The total number of Focus Keywords selected for your website will vary depending on your website design package, however all packages receive a minimum of 5 keywords strategically selected to attract valuable customers to your website.

Custom Written Page Title Tag and Page Description Meta Tags for every page using your Focus Keywords.

Focus Keywords used in Page Titles, Page URLs, and image file names.

Blog Website Packages and Custom Website Packages include additional SEO strategies.

Add-on pages do not automatically receive search engine optimization. You must choose an SEO Page vs a Basic Page if you desire search engine optimization on additional pages you add to your website package.

Comprehensive SEO Service includes:

Everything in Basic, plus:

Additional time spent researching and curating a larger Keyword List of 50 Keywords that includes Focus Keywords and Family Keywords (other similar / related terms and synonyms) with short and longer keyword phrases.

All website copy on every page of your site is reviewed and edited for maximum SEO benefit while retaining an authentic brand voice that resonates for your customers.

My Premium Website Packages include SEO copywriting services that include a mix of originally written content as well as AI-edited content for webpages and blog articles.

The main difference between the basic and advanced SEO plan is the amount of time spent researching placement, reviewing site search performance, the number of keywords, and the amount of time spent optimizing the website. Our advanced plan receives weekly attention to ensure the highest placement available.


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